My blog, poems and any pictures I may (or may not) post are based on my own experiences of living with borderline personality disorder.

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, about 1 in 20 people are believed to have a personality disorder. For every person with BPD, there are many more who will be impacted by this illness.

I do not, and can not offer any solutions to how BPD is managed by my readers. I am only able to share my own experiences and, whether you are a fellow suffer or a partner, family member or friend of a BPD sufferer, I hope that it helps you to understand, or to feel understood.

Please feel free to comment on any posts or to message me via the contact form

You may also be interested in my book A Sad and Sorry State of Disorder – a Journey into Borderline Personality Disorder (and out the other side), available now for pre-order.

If you are feeling suicidal or wanting to self-harm please talk to someone you trust and get help. Details of organisations that may be able to help can be found  here.