Do something you love…

I feel slightly ashamed to admit that I’ve never really taken the whole self-care lark all that seriously. I look after myself don’t I? I wash, eat, walk, watch my favourite programmes, listen to the music I love when I get the chance. All my needs are met. So yeah, I’m good at self-care – I guess. Right?


For a  few weeks now I’ve been sticking to a reasonably strict writing regime, pushing through uncomfortable feelings of panic, anxiety, a sense of dread and an emotional heaviness as I did so.

This weekend I realised that my recent writings had begun to take a toll on my mental and emotional wellbeing, and I thought it was about time that I did something to help stop my brain from whirring, thinking, worrying, and writing.

I blew the dust from  my long-neglected sketch-pads and paints, and immersed myself into a wonderfully calm and peaceful zone, with a splash of the magical world thrown in for good measure.

It might not be everybody’s cup of tea but you know what?  I don’t care! I didn’t do it for anybody but myself, and I love it!


Self-care: do something you love, just for you!





6 thoughts on “Do something you love…

  1. Tracey Rail says:

    Self-care rocks – who better to give a treat to than ourselves?! I guess none of us give enough thought to it though – so thanks for the prompt!

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