Time to Talk

Whether you’re on a bus or in the car,

In the cafe or at the bar,

By the school gates,

Or chilling with your mates –

It’s a good Time to Talk.


When you’re in the office or at the gym,

Dropping the kids at their Saturday Swim,

Down the shops or at the book club,

At a football match or walking the dog –

It’s a good Time to Talk.


When you’re visiting loved ones,

Having your hair done,

Waiting for a train that may or may not come,

When you’re having a bad day, or even a good one –

It’s a good Time to Talk.



Thursday 1st February 2018 is Time to Change | Time to Talk Day.  Their website has lots of ways to get involved, and great ideas about how to start conversations about mental health.

Let’s keep working to end the stigma, shame and isolation that so many people with mental health problems feel. There is no right or wrong place to talk about mental health, so break the ice – tell someone it’s Time to Talk Day, and together we can work to end mental health discrimination.


We need to be brave and keep talking until it isn’t a matter of being brave anymore, and it is simply a matter of talking. 

(The Tracy Barker Blogs, May 8 2017)


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