Somewhere like Hogwarts

Somewhere like Hogwarts

Take me back,

Not to what I knew

Where hands hurt

And love hurt

And home hurt

And Life hurt

But back

To somewhere like Hogwarts:

A place that is safe

Full of friends

Full of love

Full of magic

Full of life

That doesn’t hurt


I’m allowed not to care

Too much, just yet,

About growing up

And growing old

And growing out of myself.

Take me back

Not to what I knew

But back

To somewhere

Exactly like Hogwarts.

This is my latest offering, unedited and unfiltered. We were supposed to be moving house on Monday 13th November. I’ll spare you the details, but it’s now off for at least another week.

Meanwhile, instead of the extra space we promised our precious dogs, we have less space as the walls are lined with boxes. We have no internet, our mail is redirected to our new property, and even our corkscrew is packed in a box somewhere.

I am down to my very last nerve. I know I am ‘blessed’, ‘lucky’, fortunate – however you look at it – things could be much, much worse I know: I have a wonderful, supportive, patient wife, fantastic friends and family, two beautiful dogs and a roof over my head. But still I am down to the very dregs of my resources, and coping strategies are wearing thin.

I am hanging in there, but only just – wherever ‘there’ is. It’s not Hogwarts that’s all I know!

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